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Your town, your life.

In a publishing world that offers a wide choice of products too often concentrated on local and national news reporting, our magazine's aim is to reach the readers in a different way, more informal, more appealing to the citizen. We offer our readers a different point of view that is apolitical and interactive, arisen from the wish to write, live and listen to one's own town.

Let's put the daily local news aside and give more space, instead, to in-depth analysis, to the social life of each single district, to the problems of the neighbourhoods.

With our bi-monthly magazine we value the community's initiative, give a space to associations, cultural events, and to the citizens' ideas. This is why the readers' contributions are so important to us. Only through the thoughts and views of those who live the town every day can we produce and deliver a magazine really dedicated to the citizens.

The QuiMedia free magazines participate first hand in all that moves and shakes our province and region.

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